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2022.01.23 06:57 nishimura0905 trading mc corset looking for offers

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2022.01.23 06:57 Mesolithicus The original soundtrack is just great

This hasn't been mentioned much, but I think that the original soundtrack and the soundscape it creates really deserve to be praised, since they play a key role in creating the atmosphere of the show. On Imdb Theodore Shapiro is credited as the author of the music for E01, so it's not clear if he's the composer of the whole score, but whoever wrote the music did an amazing job, imho.
A masterful, haunting combination of percussions, human voices and strings, with brasses also coming up here and there. The music provides a constant emotional commentary to what we see on the screen, and it also reinforces the most intense moments of the show. Especially in the parallel montage between Shauna's attempted abortion and Lottie's baptism (ep.6 I think?) the interaction between the audio and the visual is played out at its finest.
And then, of course, there's the song in the opening credits. Here's an interview to Anna Waronker and Craig Wedren for those that might be interested: https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/yellowjackets-music-interview-anna-waronker-craig-wedren/
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2022.01.23 06:57 BeansInMyAsshole99 plenty of fish in the sea, plenty of alien pussy at mars

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2022.01.23 06:57 Renzokuken1987 Will new act 3 Merc enchant overwrite or synergise with sorc enchant weapon?

Basically just title. I'm having fun running a fire bow sorceress with ravenclaw. It's fun still in nightmare and I'm not as beholden to an act 2 Merc for their auras. So yeah, I'm wondering if an act 3 Merc might be interesting, but then do I go cold to offset my fire skills, or will their enchant buff me further or will it just overwrite my own enchant weapon?
Then again, I guess It would just open me up to other options on my character and rely on my Merc for the enchant...
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2022.01.23 06:57 Significant_Matter_0 Is there going to be a function where you can sit and play (quest 2)

I don't really like standing for a while while on vr it would be nice if there was a feature where it would adjust your height while in a chair.
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2022.01.23 06:57 beer118 Fix ut

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2022.01.23 06:57 Specialist_Letter127 Fh5 feels like the rest.

Tbh to start this off I was expecting alot more for fh5. Like maybe a story like nfs. and more customization options like in nfs such as single pipe exhausts systems. More body kits and more. Honestly if you take nfs heat but changed the driving mechanics add like a few mountains cruise spots. maybe make night more dark add more stars have the ability to turn off your car have blinkers. turn off your headlights like all of this will definitely make forza the best game in the world in that year 100%. but cause fh5 was like 110gb I don't really know if this will ever happen. But still would be so sick to do a blind attack like in initial d.
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2022.01.23 06:57 JCFalkenberglll Four GIs consult a map on s 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage, M10. Date and location unknown. Note the additional machine guns.

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2022.01.23 06:57 ScheduleWeekly Luffy theory

After the latest chapter about the mysterious devil fruit, I truly believe that Luffy has some type of Giant fruit, this is pretty far fetched with no real evidence but I want to have proof of my theory if for whatever reason I'm actually right. It makes sense to me that Luffy's fruit isn't rubber but meant to stretch in order to fill his giant size. I really believe Luffy will be sent back into the void century by Kozuki Toki and Luffy will truly become/be known as Joy Boy. I also believe the giant strawhat we see that's in Imu's possession is Luffy's. Luffy can do what needs to be done in the past and then sent back to the present time to finish and put to an end to everything (The world government etc) The more I think about this theory the more far stretched it feels lol but yeah so be it. :)
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2022.01.23 06:57 saveanon Lets offer trap lore ross as a sacrifice and maybe we can get zacktv back. Lil durk should know who to get connected with to make it happen 💯

Rip zack tv and fuck trap lore ross and im kidding durk aint sacrifice no one im just playing.
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2022.01.23 06:57 Esperaux Sample of Brenton Lengel's Durruti: Shadow of the People Issue 1

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2022.01.23 06:57 LazIsConcerned *cough* collab *cough*

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2022.01.23 06:57 dualFrequancy Can any dermatologist tell me if I have melanoma or not?

I am 23M. I am going to see a dermatologist on Monday either way but it’s 5 am and I can’t sleep because I think I might have melanoma. I am not sure how long this mole has been on my body but at least couple years, I thought it’d heal but it hasn’t and it suddenly caught my attention today. Please help mepicture
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2022.01.23 06:57 Samuele1997 A few addition of MCU Wilson Fisk's background.

I loved Netlix's Daredevil and i enjoyed all three season of it, still one thing that bothered me quite a bit is Wilson Fisk's background, the beginning of it in which he kills his abusive father was perfect but it bother me that nothing else is said about what happened later except the fact that he went living with his uncles on a farm and he spent a lot of time in Asia, in particular it bother me that left many unanswered questions like how was he able to become a powerful crime boss? How he met Wesley? And most importantly how he became so strong to be able to go toe-to-toe with Daredevil? I feel likes these were mixed opportunities that could have helped expand Wilson Fisk's background and thus gave him more dept as a character and i have a few ideas of how to remedy on this. My main ideas is that during his time on the farm with his uncles Wilson also started practising wrestling in both middle school and high school, he became very good winning many states tournaments and also obtain a full scolarship for the University of Pennsylvania, during his university years aside of continuing to be a good wrestler Wilson obtained an undergraduate degree in economics and later continued to study for a Master in Public Administration. One day though his wrestling coach discovers his dark past with his father and openly critisize him for killing him and also the fact that his mother covered up the murder, in particular he says to Wilson that he's no better than his father, this enraged Wilson to the point that he beaten up his coach sending him to the hospital, for this Wilson was expelled from the university and spent some time in jail. After his time in jail Wilson spent many years in Asia, in particular in Japan, where he fought as a professional wrestler for the New Japan Pro-Wrestling and also competed as a strongman becoming one of the strongest men in the world. After returning in New York Wilson became the bodyguard of Don Dante Rigoletto, here is where he met Wesley and their frienship started, together Wilson and Wesley overthrown Rigoletto and took control of his criminal empire and the rest would go just like we saw in the Netflix series.
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2022.01.23 06:57 JustANewLeader Is it just me, or would the Night Lords Omnibus make an amazing anime?

Hear me out, before you screech at me about how anime is degenerate (it isn't - well, most of it isn't).
Think about it. ADB gave us:

  1. A brooding, badass main character with a dark past - perfect.
  2. A cast of supporting characters with their own backstories, great personalities and development.
  3. Unrealistically proportioned, giant muscular men.
  4. Flipping Deltrian and Malcharion. Peak anime material - the 'class nerd' and the 'wise old man' tropes incarnate, and yet subtly twisted and re-moulded into great new forms.
  5. Meme material - literally anything that Uzas and Lucoryphus do, Cyrion's 'How are you?', Malcharion just wanting to flipping die, the Exalted licking his eyes, Octavia being an incompetent and badly adjusting aristocrat, etc. etc.
  6. A great setting - the Covenant of Blood and the Imperium at large is peak atmospheric.
  7. A fantastic plot-line with plenty of twists and reveals along the way.
  8. A wonderful culture within which to operate and build a world - Nostramo gave us that.
  9. Plenty of over-the-top violence, bloodshed, death, emotions and speeches that would be difficult to make via live-action, but which also wouldn't be palatable for Western animations.
  10. Waifus (I am being semi-serious, but seriously somebody's gotta sell Eldar stuff)
Feel free to rip me to shreds or say what you want. These are just my two pence.
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2022.01.23 06:57 BiffMaGriff Spirit's Eve Static TV Image

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2022.01.23 06:57 MoneyEqual 'We'll work from home forever': Civil servants vow to fight returning to offices despite Boris Johnson declaring war on the 'Whitehall blob' - as some officials even relocate out to the Cotswolds and Cornwall to WFH

'We'll work from home forever': Civil servants vow to fight returning to offices despite Boris Johnson declaring war on the 'Whitehall blob' - as some officials even relocate out to the Cotswolds and Cornwall to WFH submitted by MoneyEqual to unitedkingdom [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 06:57 Adgit LF: someone to TOUCH TRADE me mew FT: jiarachi

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2022.01.23 06:57 latsydressesnice can someone please help me find these exact pants or extremely similar ones and the top she has that covers the arms too. help would be greatly appreciated

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2022.01.23 06:57 Jackobusss Do you prefer Mystic or Striker?

Can you give me some pros and cons on them? I tried I striker yesterday in trial with my friend in PVP and really enjoyed him, but, aside from the awakening, I cannot see much differences between them. Which one do you prefer? Which one is in a better spot ATM? Will they have some differences in the upcoming updates after their reboot? How would their succesion and awakening feel different and rotate? Thanks people
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2022.01.23 06:57 No-Craft-6105 Convert NOK to EUR or crypto

after NOK was suspended i have tried to find a way to convert it in to something useable, but can't find a way. any ideas?
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2022.01.23 06:57 brodioh New Dawn Season 0 Stats

New Dawn Statistics (S0, Formerly Known as Special UHC) Winners S0: Macdde, BJPlays, KingCynare
Runner(s) Up S0: 2NZ, OmegaMatt, WaXmAn24
Most Wins 1 Win: Macdde (S0), BJPlays (S0), KingCynare (S0)
Participations 1 Season (21): 2NZ (S0), Bandias (S0), BJPlays (S0), Exee (S0), Fazza2 (S0), FlameXYZ (S0), gnty (S0), JimmyF69 (S0), Jordtim (S0), Kampel125 (S0), KingCynare (S0), Kingsnerk (S0), Macdde (S0), NickNitro3 (S0), Obicount (S0), OmegaMatt_ (S0), OnlyShero (S0), ThePluper (S0), ThirteenCurry (S0), WaXmAn24 (S0), Willywonka707 (S0)
Debutants S0 (21): 2NZ, Bandias, BJPlays, Exee, Fazza2, FlameXYZ, gnty, JimmyF69, Jordtim, Kampel125, KingCynare, Kingsnerk, Macdde, NickNitro3, Obicount, OmegaMatt_, OnlyShero, ThePluper, ThirteenCurry, WaXmAn24, Willywonka707
Kills 1st | Macdde (7): gnty (S0), Exee (S0), Bandias (S0), OnlyShero (S0), NickNitro3 (S0), OmegaMatt_ (S0), 2NZ (S0)
2nd | BJPlays (4): Kampel125 (S0), Willywonka707 (S0), Kingsnerk (S0), JimmyF69 (S0)
3rd | JimmyF69 (2): Fazza2 (S0), FlameXYZ (S0)
3rd | NickNitro3 (2): ThirteenCurry (S0), BJPlays (S0)
5th | OnlyShero (1): KingCynare (S0)
Death Tracker 2NZ: Macdde (S0)
Bandias: Macdde (S0)
BJPlays: NickNitro3 (S0)
Exee: Macdde (S0)
Fazza2: JimmyF69 (S0)
FlameXYZ: JimmyF69 (S0)
gnty: Macdde (S0)
JimmyF69: BJPlays (S0)
Jordtim: Zombie (S0)
Kampel125: BJPlays (S0)
KingCynare: OnlyShero (S0)
Kingsnerk: BJPlays (S0)
Macdde: Nothing (S0)
NickNitro3: Macdde (S0)
Obicount: Zombie (S0)
OmegaMatt_: Macdde (S0)
OnlyShero: (S0) Macdde (S0)
ThePluper: Fall Damage (S0)
ThirteenCurry: NickNitro3 (S0)
WaXmAn24: Fall Damage (S0)
Willywonka707: BJPlays (S0)
Kill/Death Ratio (KDR) 1st | Macdde - Infinite (7/0)
2nd | BJPlays - 4.00 (4/1)
3rd | JimmyF69, NickNitro3 - 2.00 (2/1)
5th | OnlyShero - 1.00 (1/1)
70th | KDR of 0.00 (0/1) - 2NZ, Bandias, Exee, Fazza2, FlameXYZ, gnty, Jordtim, Kampel125, KingCynare, Kingsnerk, Obicount, OmegaMatt_, ThePluper, ThirteenCurry, WaXmAn24, Willywonka707
PvE Deaths Fall (2): WaXmAn24 (S0), ThePluper (S0)
Zombie (2): Jordtim (S0), Obicount (S0)
Most Kills S0: Macdde (S0)
Most Kills as a Team S0 (11): Macdde (7), BJPlays (4), KingCynare (0)
Iron Man S0: Exee
First Blood S0: NickNitro3 (ThirteenCurry was slain by NickNitro3)
First Death S0: Jordtim (Slain by Zombie)
First Damage S0: Jordtim (15% to Fall Damage Which He Blamed On Lag)
Last Death S0: 2NZ (Slain by Macdde)
Last Full Team S0: Bandias, Exee, OnlyShero
Name History currykitchen -> ThirteenCurry
British_Elite -> Exee
Shero6016 -> OnlyShero
Bjrs493 -> BJPlays
s9079991 -> Fazza2
Crystalcount -> Obicount
Bandias12 -> Bandias
Jordtim108 -> Jordtim
Promoted to New Dawn S1+ 2NZ (S2)
Bandias (S1)
BJPlays (S1)
Exee (S1)
gnty (S1)
JimmyF69 (S3)
Jordtim (S1)
Kampel125 (S1)
KingCynare (S2)
Macdde (S17)
NickNitro3 (S2)
Obicount (S4)
OmegaMatt_ (S1)
OnlyShero (S1)
ThirteenCurry (S1)
WaXmAn24 (S1)
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2022.01.23 06:57 kignite Koloss when a Mistborn used emotional allomancy

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2022.01.23 06:57 utkarshsteve What are the characters that can cause SQL injection?

I have the following code to check if the string has characters that can cause SQL injection but what are the set of characters that can cause SQL injection?

import re # Function checks if the string # contains any special character def run(string): # Make own character set and pass # this as argument in compile method regex = re.compile('[set of characters that can cause sql injection]') # Pass the string in search # method of regex object. if(regex.search(string) == None): print("String is accepted") else: print("String is not accepted.") 
What should be the [set of characters that can cause SQL injection]?
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