n8ey9 kbria ytt37 2hd5t ft4ti r4rh3 42z7h yhkay nyb7i 8ytan ah754 fhtzt fne5i nny3n db9e9 hdy4d 85n6z ea622 k6as2 k7a7y ra2ne Håndværkere i isolation kan få konsekvenser for sommerhusejere: - De, der ringer nu om projekter inden påske, kan glemme alt om det |

Håndværkere i isolation kan få konsekvenser for sommerhusejere: - De, der ringer nu om projekter inden påske, kan glemme alt om det

2022.01.23 06:18 newsdk Håndværkere i isolation kan få konsekvenser for sommerhusejere: - De, der ringer nu om projekter inden påske, kan glemme alt om det

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2022.01.23 06:18 Willing-Clock-8884 Nightwing is looking for Harley Quinn | Batman and Harley Quinn

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2022.01.23 06:18 newsdk Torben stoppede som lokalrådsformand efter hjerteoperation: Læser nu til præst som 73-årig

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2022.01.23 06:18 RazvaOxi Fuck NATO Fuck USA , Fuck Biden and Obama!! the biggest occupants in Europe

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2022.01.23 06:18 MichelleRBaker Best Android Kid Monitoring App on Reddit

Best Android Kid Monitoring App on Reddit iKeyMonitor is an Android Kid Monitoring App that allows you to keep an eye on all online activities of your kids. With iKeyMonitor, you can easily access all the messages exchanged, the date and time of messages exchanged, contact details, and other important information on your kids' phones. You can experience the features of the free version and decide whether to purchase the full-featured one or not.
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2022.01.23 06:18 smol_kaguya Is there a hybrid bike that can be easily converted to road bike?

I broke my brother's bike. I want to suprise him on his birthday a new bike. However, I don't know whether he want a hybrid or a road bike. I have a budget of 1000 bucks
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2022.01.23 06:18 Kates_up once i had sleeping issues now ill i wanna do is sleep

and i really dont know how to feel about it, my days have this loop of feeling alright then feeling useless, and so ill end up sleeping 15 hours and then staying up the whole next 20 hours with no sleep, repeat and im always slightly tired. a friend said to me "tired seems to be part of your personality" and im like fuck. i want to be less tired but my life leaves me endlessly tired and feeling like a lifeless blob. and i mean around other people i feel like this part of me is there, the good part the happy part but i feel like the only one who feels this and knows i feel this way.
on top of that i feel like literally no one wants me in there life outside of my parents and i wonder if my mother wasn't my mother would i even have anyone, prior to my new school situation when i was at normal schools i really didn't have any friends

ive had plenty of friends but ive never really had any of those life long bonds ever, thats mainly why i want to move away when i turn 18 for a fresh start to rethink myself, because i feel like im constantly picking at a scab that is my mediocre life. on top of that i feel like my life is either a mess or so fucking boring i want to cry. and i just dont know anymore of who i am.

i know so well who i want to be when i move out and become an adult but im turning 15 next month and i dont even know if i have friends for my birthday and that sucks because it will be the 3rd birthday alone.

i spend so much time hoping others will make an effort for me but they dont and im left having to do shit for myself and others and so part of me wants to rip to shread all of humanity because they seem to not give 2 shits about me.

sorry if this was a mess i just feel better when i write it out and i was logged out of my tumblr and dont have the brain power to try and figure out passwords and shit because ive been dealing with that kinda shit for like a week and it fucking breaks me

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2022.01.23 06:18 epepepturbo Samantha Jerring

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2022.01.23 06:18 Choppaa209 Negative time balance

Will Amazon use your vacation to cover UPT because I’m negative 14 well 34 but that’s because Amazon didn’t fix my time card from when I was out for Covid but yeah negative 14 will they use it to cover any negative time if I ask because I’m really not trying to get fired !
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2022.01.23 06:18 countrybuhbuh Keeping the snout out for ventilation.

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2022.01.23 06:18 MPArmory Disability access in St. Petersburg/Moscow

Привет всем! As the Covid pandemic begins to subside, and assuming that Biden doesn’t start something stupid in Ukraine, my dad has offered to take me and my six year old daughter to Russia this summer (we’ve been trying to get to Saint Petersburg and Moscow for the past two summers, only to have our visas canceled last-minute due to Covid/non-recognition of our American vaccines).
My daughter requires the use of a wheelchair or walker to get around on her own. Knowing that Saint Petersburg and Moscow are historic cities, I am aware that she will generally have a difficult time getting around independently, but are things like shops, restaurants, and museums at least accessible at a basic level? How about the metro and buses in either city? A friend who’s visited Moscow said the gap between the platform and subway car is upwards of six inches in most places, is that still the case? She’s just really mastering getting around on her own here in our corner of rural America, and I’m not sure how she’d do in a bustling metropolis.
She’s a budding Russophile, wants to learn Russian as her first foreign language, and is beyond excited by the prospect of being able to visit, but I don’t want her to be miserable the entire time if she can’t get around easily, or worse, in dangerous situations in places like the metro.
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2022.01.23 06:18 StepLongjumping9554 you're not listening to music if your volume isn't on 80%+

if u don't listen to music at long term damage self induced tinnitus level volume are u even listening bro . i want the songs inside me
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2022.01.23 06:18 Uneasy-stranger I’m a horrible girlfriend and I didn’t realise, he said I’m inconsiderate and I want to be better for him so I need some advice.

Me (19) and my boyfriend (19) have been together for a year now. It was going great till we started having these arguments. It often would start of as me telling him how something he’d done affected me and it would go off from there. We do solve it but it is. A reoccurring pattern.
For context, I was abused mentally physically and emotional by my mum for 5 years, I was then homeless at 17 and went to uni last year September. I’m on the spectrum, I have adhd and severe anxiety/depression and obvious trauma that affects my relationship.
I’ve never had to worry about how my actions affected others because no one cared. I didn’t have anyone around me who cared enough. So I did what I want. And if anything my actions would affect me, especially when I was still with my mum. So now, he’s told me I’m inconsiderate to him and his feelings. He’s the run down of the situation.
Friday was his day off which I was aware of, it was 12pm and I had called him after he had messaged me, I wasn’t aware that he has just woken up. We had a brief convo before I went on a rant about my flat mate. To me it felt like every statement I made he had a comeback that was the complete opposite and it frustrated me so I told him. Then we had an argument. We resolved it after a couple of hours, to which he told me it was inconsiderate of me to just call and rant to him on his first proper day off when he had just woken up, and that I didn’t even ask if he was ready to hear me rant. When I tried to explain myself he said it was even worse that it didn’t even cross my mind.
Saturday, I made a plan to call him and watch something after I had finished a clients hair, I was on the phone with him and the client was running late which had happened twice before where they didn’t show up. Once they did show up I was still on the phone so I ended the call. And sent a message saying I’ll call you later hopefully. In my had saying hopefully meant I may not make it don’t wait up for me but after having spoken to him it wasn’t clear. I should’ve given more information than that and I know that now. There was some confusion in regards to when I’d be calling him, he thought it was 5 and I thought it was seven. At 6:11 I messaged him that I was finished and he did not respond/open the message. I then sent another message at 7:21 stating how I was going to hang out w my friends since they came over while I was doing the clients hair and that I was sorry and I could call him later if he was awake.
He then proceed to tell me not to make promises to him and it was a lot of back and forth of him telling me how he felt and me profusely apologising. He then said he’s done opening up his feelings to me because everytime he does he ends up hurt and he doesn’t feel like I respect his feelings. I knew it had happened before where I had changed plans on him but i had thought this time was different as before I’d change the plans and not let him know until way later where he would then be sitting and waiting for me I had thought I had improved but I had created the same result.
So I’ve explained myself this morning and tried to show him my thought process and that I was considering him but I want to do more. I don’t want him to feel like he can’t open his feelings up to me so how can I improve. I often find things like this difficult because I don’t have an adult or parent to ask and I don’t really want to ask my friends because they have the same thinking as me.
How can I be more considerate to him overall and show him I care about how he feels.
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2022.01.23 06:18 Potato_imouto smol nanamin ^w^

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2022.01.23 06:18 Gwendigwen Whaaa the screw tasks become so brutal in the event !

WARNING : I am well past tasks 80s in Roddy s event and it feels like almost every other task requires a full box of screws. Thinking back at the events beginning where I just had too many of them and actually deleted a few 😭 and did not buy them from the shop when they were abailable for coins.
I am so desperate I am currently using some space to farm peonies in order to get a cargoship and thus much valued shipping containers 😬
This event is really nasty. I love it !😁
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2022.01.23 06:18 SPICYBOI222 Apperently Dale Earnhardt and Lewis Hamilton attended the same event once. I wonder if the two 7X champs talked

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2022.01.23 06:18 apokrif1 Le rappeur Gims compte redemander la nationalité française

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2022.01.23 06:18 S2mlee100lesch Eğlence

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2022.01.23 06:18 No_Tomorrow_6616 Waking up to +36% well done to you if you held the dip like a champion! Well deserved army 🙏🤲💎🚀🚀 may we continue to grow!

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2022.01.23 06:18 QueensBirthdaySuit Hate chasing after the man I love to open up to me.

Tl;dr No Advice Needed, just a mini vent...
I get it, men can be not as emotionally open as women are, but I hate it when my guy is practically having a meltdown or halfway there and he just shut me out or ignores everything but his phone instead of letting me be there sometimes no advice needed I just am frustrated..
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2022.01.23 06:18 Avikm289 Set complete. The nostalgia is priceless

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2022.01.23 06:18 KithMyAirs Black Rice is what I would call my half black half Asian friend

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2022.01.23 06:18 Oreo365 Gotta love it

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2022.01.23 06:18 INeedACreativeName Taipei 101 in the clouds

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2022.01.23 06:18 Puffin_fan Journalist still in prison over Wuhan report

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