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CW// BRIGHT COLORS “ alien blues “ (comments ig)

2022.01.23 06:43 ReyDraws CW// BRIGHT COLORS “ alien blues “ (comments ig)

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2022.01.23 06:43 No-Marketing-8027 Inside my ac. Mold?

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2022.01.23 06:43 stickybudz312 Homemade stands finally done + sm2 (w/ San Fran orchestra) = great Saturday night

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2022.01.23 06:43 rozytink Emotional Damage meme Spiral Notebook by Abiha Ali

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2022.01.23 06:43 BelleAriel Feck the haters, please everyone post a link to your favourite Meat Loaf song and we’ll have a kinda memorial.

Also let us know what memories you have.
Back in 1993, he came back with the song, ‘I’ll Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That). My mam has one of the Now That’s What I Call Music cassettes and she kept rewinding it and we’d here the end of Creep.when preparing Sunday dinner she’d listen to Bat Out Of Hell. I did not appreciate it at the time because, who likes their parents’ music when they’re a teenager? Lol. Anyway last night, I downloaded that album, on iTunes, and the memories of those Sundays came flying back and weirdly I feel more closer to my Mam, which seems silly as it’s just music.
So let’s hear you Meat Loaf memories.
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2022.01.23 06:43 sphincter_golf Any advise on determining whether or not a trip would be beneficial for someone?is there any circumstance you would absolutely advise against a trip?

Hey friends, first of all, I want to thank you in advance for any resources or information that you can provide. This post is a tad emotional for me and so I hope to receive love and good vibes from everyone.
On my last megadose trip a couple months ago I could not get out of my head the notion that a psilocybin experience would be highly beneficial for my mother, and potentially even my father. This emotion was persistent throughout almost my entire come down. I know it’s super common to wish your current trip experience onto loved ones in the moment but this idea has been with me for months now.
For context, my parents are both 57 years old and have recently started to struggle immensely with some past traumas and pain that exists within their marriage. The other week my dad even used the “D” word on the phone with me and it broke my heart.
A lot of what they describe, I have faced head-on over several trips in the past and discovered profound healing as a result and this has lead me to believing that both of them would benefit greatly from a psilocybin trip.
I worry, however, about the potential dangers of exposing them to an experience like this. Neither of them drink or smoke, they are both highly religious but the church doesn’t seem to be providing them the healing they need. They both seem completely defeated.
My mother, I believe, would be open to the idea as I think she is at a complete dead end and has been struggling daily with anxiety and depression (I am unsure if she is medicated, but would find out before suggesting a trip).
My father is a whole other can of worms. Abused as a child and the superhero-like strength it has taken him to overcome that and break the cycle for his own family has torn him down over the years. Medically he also struggles with chronic pain and additionally has always had unusual heightened reactions to almost any medication.
I write this post mostly out of curiosity for my mother. Do you guys think it’s just some pie in the sky notion that I could save my mother from some of the pain that she is going through simply by recommending mushrooms and offering to trip sit for her?
Would you recommend any literature specifically addressing this topic of people who should or shouldn’t trip?
Again, thanks in advance, this community is so kickass!
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2022.01.23 06:43 trunkskid36 Interval approach to scale soloing?

I’m not sure if this concept has been proposed before, (it probably has) but I was just thinking about a new a approach to soloing using scales. Instead of memorising shapes/patterns across the fretboard couldn’t you just count the intervals between degrees of each scale?
An example of what I mean is say you are playing a c major scale whilst soloing. You start on a c note on the low E string (8th fret) and you know that between the first and second scale degree in any major scale there is a whole step, so you move two frets up on the same string or down a string and 3 frets down. Now you know you are on the 2nd degree of the scale you know the next interval is also a whole step, so once again you have a choice of moving 2 frets up the guitar on the the same string or down one string and 3 frets down. If you know where the half steps are in your scale than you would just follow the same method.
It seems like thinking of scales this way might make you less constricted to boxes in your playing. Plus you wouldn’t have to memorise as many things. All you’d need to know is where the intervals lie in your given scale. Is this correct? A good approach? Thanks.
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2022.01.23 06:43 starwrs34 Thoughts?

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2022.01.23 06:43 kchare2 Frank and his little buddy

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2022.01.23 06:43 AcelAndrei I'm celebrating my cake day with a very fluffy penguin!

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2022.01.23 06:43 grassblade111 Surge Sparrow or S/D Near Trace for Ingrid? Lots of crap skills followed by a dilemma

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2022.01.23 06:43 Judgement_Bot_AITA AITA for not letting my dad walk me down the aisle?

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2022.01.23 06:43 bgaddis88 The faction join/leave system needs fixed. It is easily exploited and it will kill servers. The most populated US West server will likely be dead after this from exploiting a mechanic.

My server is Yggdrasil. For a few months, it has been a pretty healthy server as far as faction v faction goes. Green was the strongest and owned windsward and everfall. They could take a decent chunk of territories if they wanted to, but they just kept WW and EF. For the first time in our server for many months, the top green company that owned Windsward, lost their attack on a territory. They were not the attacking company, but the green company was fighting for Purple. If purple won that war, green would no longer be the dominate faction and it would allow players to transfer to them. They lost that war and then what they did the next day was what I would argue is a ban-able offense.
Green entirely threw a war vs purple so purple would techincally have the most territories on the map and thus be the dominate faction. They purposely did this. The war lasted only a couple of minutes. It was calculated and everyone on the server knew it was happening. IMMEDIATELY following the change of "top faction" a large group of some of the top players from yellow and purple both left and joined the green company that has owned Windward for as long as I've been on the server.
It was already going to be a very very difficult to bring down the top company on offense, but they literally threw a war so they could pay the top players from other factions to join their company so there weren't enough good players on other factions to take them down.
This to me seems like blatant manipulation of the game.
The server is Yggdrasil if any devs are keen to look into it. Check the logs of wealth transfer, a lot of the players from our company also took a bunch of asmodeum before they left. There will be indisputable evidence of obvious manipulation of the game mechanics.
You might think "get good" or something along those lines, but for the health of the game this is not a real answer. This event will inevitably end one of the most popular US west servers. This is not something that can be allowed to happen for the integrity of the game.
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2022.01.23 06:43 FaithlessnessPure906 I THINK SUN GOD NIKA IS BASED ON CURUPIRA

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2022.01.23 06:43 Old-Astronomer-2193 A place where i can talk about my problem

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2022.01.23 06:43 MajesticBoss007 the rule must be mentioned?

if anyone breaks Rule then the rule number must be mentioned with a warning not Blocking.
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2022.01.23 06:43 Careful_Toe How does this whole HIV thing happen?!

I come from a place where sex-Ed, particularly for gay men, is unheard of. I've done my research and understand how HIV transmission works, but what I don't understand is that just because I'm having sex with multiple men, does that mean the virus will be born in one of those occurrences? Or do they say that "gay men that have several partners so the risk of contracting is high" because there is a higher risk of sleeping with someone who already has it?
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2022.01.23 06:43 GotchaDemBruh Non radié par mon ancien employeur

Problématique :
J'ai démissionné de mon précédent emploi il y a bientôt 3 mois, après 8 ans de contrat.
A ce jour, ils me versent toujours les salaires, je n'ai pas reçu de solde tout compte, et ils font la sourde oreille je ne sais pour quelle raison en prenant en compte la pandémie actuelle... Mais il me semble qu'ils sont plusieurs en DRH surtout pour une société d'un grand groupe Français du CAC40.
Dans mon cas, j'ai déjà contacté ma protection juridique qui m'a simplement demandé d'attendre 3 mois, et de leur envoyer un recommandé AR, en leur demandant de régulariser la situation, en imposant un délai.
Bien entendu, je provisionne les revenus qu'ils mont déjà versés, afin de ne pas me mettre en porte-à-faux.
Questions :

Merci à vous
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2022.01.23 06:43 MattStephenE Finishing battlepass using only challenges

So im not feeling well and pretty sick rn but i just bought the battlepass and im currently at chapter 7 about to unlock the spectre, so Im wondering if I can just finish weekly and daily challenges cos its really hard to play when ur sick.
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2022.01.23 06:43 Actual-Factor1877 Is sperm a parasite?

It takes a woman's body as its host for nine months, slowly growing in size and metamorphosing into an infant-stage human.
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2022.01.23 06:43 Legendary-Boi-24 Wow steven google knows you very well

Wow steven google knows you very well
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2022.01.23 06:43 Sea-Cat-69 🔥24 Hours 100WL Spot🔥 and 🎁2 Free NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 Grind Discord (discord.gg/RrcBfmhR) !Details in the comments!

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2022.01.23 06:43 LinuxSausage Grim reaper + black cat???

can someone please tell me the conditions of these play styles? I got both of them yet when I looked them up I found absolutely nothing.
i fucking love hitman
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2022.01.23 06:43 TexasNuckearToaster Invest now! Don't miss out

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2022.01.23 06:43 Maddenmarvin Who is JPedigo?

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