math hw pls help

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i need to make a dating algorithm with three bases for my maths :( can someone help me pls
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2022.01.23 06:17 AL_O_NE posting a beat every day for 100 days on youtube (almost completed)

on oct 4 i posted on this forum saying I was going to post on youtube everyday for 100 days
well, here i am on my 90th day (sorry i wasn't updating you guys along the way, i started getting lazy) with 184 subscribers (prob 10 of those are friends and family) and 31.5k views in total
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2022.01.23 06:17 cascad1an Feel like I’m not qualified for anything

I’ve been in my current position over a decade. Have lots of experience in a wide variety of things, but not necessarily credentials to back it up. I just want a legit job with a good company but it feels so daunting. Is it even worth applying to things I’m not necessarily qualified for?
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2022.01.23 06:17 capitalismisokiguess Would be cool if there were a Booster or Jugo Juice in the West End

I don't have the start up cash or the right entrepreneurial spirit, but maybe someone else here does. I see a market gap that needs filling!
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2022.01.23 06:17 CountingFrogs Suggest me a book about every day life with a twist.

I'm in a bit of a reading slumber. I loved books like Before the Coffee Gets Cold and Tales of the Cafe, Call Me by Your Name, The Handmaids Tale, Testaments, 1984, Animal Farm, Catcher in the Rye and The Elephant Vanishes.
So I guess I'm looking for a book about the every day life of the characters. But also a book that leaves you thinking and that isn't necessarily conventional.
I hope you'll can help me with some great recommendations! 😊
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2022.01.23 06:17 pharmaking3198 Ai prime 16 reef for a planted tank

First time setting up a planted tank, am I able to use my old lights from my reef tank?
If so what kind of settings should I use?
16hd Reef
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2022.01.23 06:17 christianbrooks Gifting stock from an IRA account to beat Apex at their own game!? Every USApe needs to read this.

Gifting your favorite stock is easier than you think, and doing so may offer a few perks for you, too.
The benefits of gifting stocks
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And if you’re giving stocks you already own, there could be a tax advantage for you. Gifting is a smart way to transfer an appreciated stock.
Let’s say you’re an adult and you have this stock with a lot of gains built into it. If you were to sell it, you would pay taxes on the gain. Assuming it’s long-term, you might pay 15%. But instead of selling the stock, you could give it as a gift, transferring the gains to the recipient.
The person who received the stock now has that appreciated stock. They can hold it if they want, but if they sell it (LOL) they might pay 0% in capital gains taxes.
In other words, both the giver and receiver could avoid paying capital gains altogether on your favorite stock.
As an early step toward passing down wealth
If you’re thinking about your legacy, gifting stocks can be a valuable tool. The IRS allows you to gift up to $15,000 per year, per person — including stock.
This $15,000 limit isn't bound by familial or marital ties. So technically, you could give $15,000 in stock to all of your children, grandchildren, in-laws, friends and neighbors!
Through a custodial account for your kids
One of the simplest ways to get your kids started in stocks is to set up a custodial brokerage account and you’ll be able to transfer existing shares of stock from your account to the custodial account. The child will take control of the account when they hit a certain age — typically 18 or 21, depending on the state.
Gift for family or friends
All that’s required to transfer shares to an adult friend or family member is for the receiver to have a brokerage account. There are a few logistical hurdles — you’ll need their account information and a few more personal details to actually perform the transfer.
You can start the process online in your own brokerage account by opting to gift shares or securities you own; if you can’t find that option, contact your brokerage firm directly.
Game over, see you on the moon. 🚀♾
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2022.01.23 06:17 toastbutteryum I got my first tattoo!

I’m still super excited about it. I wanted to tell somebody so I’m telling you!
If I tell someone I know IRL, they will Have Opinions About It and will want me to know all about them. Tattoos are pretty mainstream but are still shocking in my family’s very traditional culture. I just want to be happy and excited about it right now.
Thanks for listening.
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2022.01.23 06:17 PuwaaDraws I've Got An Eye for It: Chapter 6

Bit of a while since the last one. I actually sat on this one for quite a while, debating internally how I want things to proceed, how I'd like to have things considered. Enjoy :)
First|Previous | Next
Chapter 6
Rowan was on duty in Operations as navigator when Captain L’lesh gave the order to prepare the Holy Mother’s Directive for warp.
[All hands, prepare for warp countdown.] intoned Magic Voice Lady, speaking in ship-wide warnings of imminent departure.
Specialist Taylor assisted chief navigator Tyrel, a Y’irgoth male of some 74 standard years; about 38, by humans’ account. After submitting a last-minute course correction, Rowan pinged Tyrel’s console with the final jump sequence. Tyrel approved it immediately, pinging the Captain’s console for final departure.
Holy Mother, this is your captain speaking. Most of you know the drill by this point, and those of you who don’t will understand soon enough. We’re dropping a Galactic Union comm buoy immediately upon dropping out of warp; ship-wide communications thereafter will be local intranet only, so I hope you downloaded your favorite entertainment programs beforehand. Upon arrival we will be enforcing silent running and a standing communications blackout.”
[2 minutes until FTL warp. Please report to your designated stations.]
The captain continued after the warning, unabated. “Hopefully the comm silence is just an extra precaution, but until we rule out hostile interventions on Rathi we’ll be in full lockdown for the duration of the mission. Communications will be restored promptly once we wrap this mess up. Those of us going dirtside, watch out for one another. We don’t have any earthly idea what is waiting for us down there. Those of you that are remaining aboard the Holy Mother are tasked with making sure that changes for those going dirtside very quickly.”
[1 minute until FTL warp. Please report to your designated stations.]
Turning back to her XO Lieutenant Vitrix Ash, she gestured that he should sidle into the commander’s crash couch, while she took a smaller one against the aft bulkhead.
Smoothly taking up the reins, acting Captain Vitrix Ash added one final message before finalizing warp.
He solemnly keyed his communicator and announced, “Holy Mother, standby for warp acceleration immediately; wish us luck.”
[FTL warp imminent. Standby for warp in 3… 2… 1…]
And suddenly Rowan’s head felt like as if it was being briefly squeezed through the eye of a needle. Squinting, they heard a collective whoosh as every creature in Operations had the air slowly wrung from their lungs, before the viewport dimmed, and the screen went black. Turns out, when you’re going faster than the speed of light, you can’t see the stars streak by; all technicalities aside, it was more akin to teleporting than sprinting. The Holy Mother’s Directive’s viewport lit up again seconds later, showing an image of the dark side of Rathi’s third moon.
The next events happened immediately upon arrival; the comm buoy safely deployed behind the tidally locked moon as the Holy Mother’s Directive’s torus began to again retract into the fuselage of the ship, bands of intelligent nanites knitting the exterior of the shell back together again seamlessly. The comm blackout began in earnest, then; divisions communicated only via the pings back and forth between stations on the ships; Engineering began running a small scrambler ship-wide to prevent errant communications that might be used to triangulate the Holy Mother’s Directive. The comm buoy would intercept most system-wide communications, even heavily encrypted ones. The surveillance had begun in earnest.
[Estimated time to insertion; 3 hours and 59 minutes. Please report to your assigned stations.]
But Specialist Taylor was only tangentially aware of the changes all aboard the Holy Mother; they had arrived at the cargo bay ahead of most others, stowing their kit in a side panel built into their crash chair aboard the shuttle taking them down dirtside. Their rifle they had in the chair itself, magnetically locked. Upon completing this, they reached a terminal besides the shuttle, and pinged a personnel tally, locating most of the away team on the ship. In particular, the science officers seemed to all still be in Engineering; time to go help pick up heavy stuff.
Hurr durr, look at me, me a space Orc, me lift heavy thing gooood. Rowan reflected in bemused good humor, climbing from the cargo bay into a small personnel elevator to a more populated deck of the ship.
[Estimated time to insertion; 3 hours and 45 minutes. Please report to your assigned stations.]
Finding One Who Waits Patiently overseeing the packing of what looked like the biggest backpack Specialist Taylor had ever seen, Rowan stepped into Engineering.
“It’s a tight-beam communicator. It’ll let the Holy Mother keep track of us while we’re radio silent dirtside. Quickly, give it to Specialist Taylor now, they can carry it…”
Specialist Taylor shouldered the pack, grimacing at the weight. Stealth missions are the dumps.
Captain L’lesh herself entered Engineering, seemingly pleased or relieved to see the team working hard at work if the shift of greens and blues across her heart were any indication.
After a brief conversation with her Chief Science Officer, Angari made her way over to Specialist Taylor, who after shouldering the pack was busy attempting to help the Entiat science officer Nogor finish tallying raw material totals they’d be taking with them; anything they needed could be crafted on-site once their portable fabricator was set up at the facility, so long as they were judicious about it.
One Who Waits Patiently spoke again to Angari. “Captain, your presence on the planet will be a great comfort. But we should really get down to the cargo bay, I’ve been pinged twice already by Medical Officer Chismarc already, and I’m afraid she is quite distraught. First missions are often very stressful for our doctors.”
With a brief sigh, Captain L’lesh grimaced and patted Specialist Taylor’s shoulder. “Hurry up and help the science team wrap up things here. I’ll send Specialist Truuwl down here to help move things along. I swear, he works so hard to cultivate that big, brooding Entiat schtick, how come his mother named him after their star? Seems a big of wishful thinking there. I’m heading down to the cargo bay, be expedient please.”
“I’m sorry, who? I don’t know a Specialist Truuwl.” Specialist Taylor queried.
With a laugh that set her skin dancing in emerald light, the captain shook her head. “I do believe you’re responsible for half the crew calling him Velvet. Love it, I’ve been peppering him with it all week. He is NOT happy that your little nickname is so popular. Best to stay off his bad side then, eh?”
Rowan and Specialist Truuwl led the remainder of the science team down to the cargo deck to see various personnel loading crates of gear aboard the shuttle designated Vligam 1. Ostensibly named after one of the first documented fliers observed on a gas giant by Entiat explorers, it was odd to Rowan how innocuous many of the naming conventions seemed at first glance. Human ship names are buxom women and flaming death and birds of prey, but most Galactic Union nomenclature leaned more towards exploratory, playful, and often lofty ideals.
[Estimated time to insertion; 2 hours and 30 minutes. Please report to your assigned stations.]
Rowan sidled between the crowd of people doing a multitude of tasks they only marginally registered; the excitement of their preparation had the adrenaline thrumming through Specialist Taylor, who was busy helping the members of the science team stow their equipment, and then finally themselves. The crew found themselves nitpicking the order of crates being stowed away; weapons and necessities last, as they’d need to be at hand once they touched down on the beach first.
The medical officer attending the away team, Doctor Chismarc, seemed about ready to pass out due to stress. Specialist Truuwl, or Velvet, stood elbow to elbow with her, quietly looking at her as he spoke to her in low tones, out of the way of crew still cramming more equipment and good luck charms into Vligam 1. After several minutes, the good doctor steadied herself with a couple of deep breaths, before reaching into her kit and administering a mild sedative. Captain L’lesh was sitting in the cockpit of the shuttle with the shuttle pilot. After making landfall, the shuttle would be returning to the Holy Mother’s Directive far above Rathi, leaving her children on the planet alone to fend for themselves.
[Estimated time to insertion; 1 hour and 15 minutes. Please report to your assigned stations.]
Rowan sat back into their crash chair, securing the crash webbing around their body. They occupied one of the last seats on the aft bulkhead of the shuttle, one of the first ones off come dirtside; their blood roared in their ears, as the masses of aliens settled into a quiet rhythm of breathing and grimacing. The scientists had small sidearms, but the helmets they wore bore markings designating them as civilians. The security team were the only official personnel allowed to carry larger weapons; but that wasn’t to say there weren’t mitigating circumstances that would have allowed for this rule to be temporarily rescinded.
Like the deaths of the security team, for instance, thought Rowan darkly.
Seeing all these seemingly peaceful creatures armed to the teeth somehow made Rowan chuckle. It was like seeing a teddy bear armed with a bowie knife; in the Rhithems’ case, often literally.
[Estimated time to insertion; 45 minutes. Please report to your assigned stations. Away team, standby for imminent departure.]
Captain L’lesh’s chair leaned back marginally, but Taylor could still see them running pre-flight checks with the pilot. A sharp pop on their earpiece was the only warning before the Captain began speaking to the occupants of the shuttle.
“I’m looking forward to the casual stroll we have ahead of us, but try to keep in mind that there is hostile wildlife reported on Rathi. Quite rare, but there is an aggressive mammalian native to the mountains we’re ascending. Keep your eyes open, and let’s see what Rathi has in store for us.”
Rowan briefly heard another pop, and suddenly the captain was communicating with Operations. “Holy Mother’s Directive, this is Vligam 1 requesting permission to depart for Rathi.”
A brief pause, and then, “Vligam 1, be advised, cargo bay is currently depressurizing. Standby for launch.”
Specialist Taylor spent several moments just breathing, rubbing the toe of their boot into the deck plating. They were sturdy boots they’d taken to wearing since before they left for the Galactic Union; they’d been broken in on Genesis, Rowan’s home-world. It was the second colony world the Humans had started, and represented the most devoted efforts of human colonization anywhere else in the universe. It was an odd thought, getting dirt from another planet on them.
Vligam 1, cargo bay is depressurized. Happy trails, make sure you come back in one piece.”
Specialist Taylor couldn’t see through a viewport, but several minutes later settled into the tell-tale rocking that signaled a fiery descent through heavy atmosphere. Keying their helmet HUD, they briefly pinged the members of the away teams’ closed radio network; all reported Ready status.
[Shore party, stand by for imminent turbulence. Captain L’lesh, the acting Captain Ash reports another ship nearby; a small rocket in one of the craters on Rathi’s moon. Passive scans show it is currently maintaining silent running, occupants unknown. No traces of drive signature, but based on the estimated model, it is possibly a non-Union vessel. More information will be forthcoming.]
Rowan let that bit of info rattle around their skull as the aft of the shuttle swung around, plopping softly into the sand of Rathi’s beach.
Captain L’lesh unbuckled, sidling down the middle of the shuttle to stand in front of the door.
“Alright, everyone, do what we did up there, only in reverse. Come on, weapons and kit first. Chief Chreenth, take Taylor and the others and establish a perimeter. Shuttle takes off in 15 [minutes], let’s get everything we need and clear the area. Dr. Chismarc, may I say, the light of Rathi seems to suit you; maybe this shore party won’t be quite so awful after all.”
Dr. Chismarc, to her credit, only looked marginally paler than she usually did, but pulled herself out of her crash chair with a grimace before padding over towards the front of the craft to confer with the pilot.
The security team piled out first into a howling rain, bringing with them most of their kit; the hum of the firearm was the only indicator that it had changed from inert machine to weapon of war. Specialist Taylor took one of the quadrants available to them, taking a 45-degree angle of beach, scanning for threats, and making note of the terrain, attempting to keep the spray of water out of their eyes. The captain settled into a rhythm, directing the unloading of materiel on the beach; Taylor and V’reth eventually were dismissed to go assist.
Rowan pulled another crate labeled with the Science team’s emblem when Doctor Chismarc walked past them, grabbing the other edge of the crate by the handhold. Specialist Taylor noted that while her breathing was smooth and her tone mild, her hands shook softly. Rowan reached out and squeezed Dr. Chismarc’s hand; she pulled away but made sure to do it slowly so as not to offend. A brief smile, and they returned to their tasks.
They were finally dragging out the largest of the crates when the shuttle’s hatch began closing, its engines pitching up as it built the energy it would need to escape Rathi’s atmosphere. Soon, as the team shielded their eyes and tied down a tarp over the crates, the shuttle pushed off, gliding low over the waters before gaining altitude, slowly disappearing.
The science team began preemptively unpacking several of the crates, pulling out what looked like a giant mechanical leg. Rowan assisted as best they could, kicking up wet sand as they figured out which of the crates the science team were grabbing. After about an hour spent laboriously unpacking crates, they began to finish assembling one the “goodies” the captain had splurged on; a mechanical exoskeleton, capable of carrying a surplus of a thousand kilograms of weight on its frame. Tracks on its forearms and legs allow the securing of most of the crates as they were ratcheted down with straps secured on the walker’s limbs.
Chief Chreenth clambered up into its fuselage, lashing herself into the crash chair, and completed its diagnostics. With a soft groan of hydraulics at work, the legs began to extend, bringing the Chief up to height. The team began an orderly march, keeping apace as Chief Chreenth piloted the exoskeleton, maintaining a short distance behind the main body of the team.
400 kilometers stood between them and the facility; it would be several days before they reached the remote buildings, given that they were nestled deep into the mountain range past the beaches.
The walker kicked up small mountains of wet sand as it strode behind them, looming like a parent following their wayward children. Chreenth occasionally removed vegetation if the path was too blocked, but often enough the members had to shimmy past vegetation too dense to walk through. The captain had noted that there were only five or six species of plant surrounding them; apparently Rathi didn’t have the biodiversity that Earth had boasted.
Rowan stopped briefly at the top of a hill, gazing back to observe the members scrambling up to them under their own power, to varying degrees of success. The Rhithem technician, being all of 1 meter tall, had already successfully bartered his way onto the exoskeleton, reclining gently against its shoulder as he sat in the crook of its right arm, chatting occasionally with Chief Chreenth. Velvet seemed perfectly content to jump the entire nine-foot wall Specialist Taylor had scaled up and turned away, taking in the scenic view of the beach, and turned toward their destination, nestled as it was behind a mountain range.
The only break in their journey would be a small access tunnel cut into the rock of the range, taking them directly to the facility. But the entrance to the passageway wasn’t for hundreds of kilometers yet, and already Specialist Taylor could feel the telltale squelch around their feet that made walking so treacherous so close to water. The evening of their first day was a subdued affair, the drizzle of rain coming in unending sheets. Rowan and Dr. Chismarc settled in, sharing a small tent with the Rhithem technician, who they found out was named Melec. Dinner was a mundane spread of protein and various fruit and butter spreads, but the captain had explained that several endemic species from Gav-shin, the Farok-shi home-world, had been successfully introduced on Rathi. With a little luck, they might be able to scavenge edible foods along the way.
Rowan rolled their bedroll out, careful not to disturb the doctor, who’d already turned in. The descent to Rathi had Dr. Chismarc rattled; apparently, she wasn’t fond of flying. The irony of being afraid of flying on a spaceship did not escape Specialist Taylor. Rowan settled back, checking once to ensure their weapon was in reach. The away team were keeping an electronic watch up to this point, monitoring the surroundings with a slaved-VI suite of optics and sensors lovingly dubbed Thumper. Snuggling into their thermal sheet, they pulled their cover up to their chin, chewing their lower lip thoughtfully. The message from the Holy Mother as they’d entered atmo bounced around in Rowan’s brain, replaying what Magic Voice Lady had reported…
Another ship… maintaining silent running… occupants unknown… possibly a Non-Union vessel.
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2022.01.23 06:17 Ar3kk What do i do with 4 stars dupes not worth to invest in?

For example I have dupes of flonne, killia, raspberyl and desco but I don’t think Rn I should invest in any of those characters only exception done for desco who is a maybe, so is there another use for the dupes or it’s just 4 star material for awakenings?
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