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People who live in a country that share borders, How does it feel to have a border?

2022.01.23 07:18 maboi_rocco People who live in a country that share borders, How does it feel to have a border?

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2022.01.23 07:18 leoyolk Website builder suggestions for a band

Hi! I'm going to create a website for our band and the main thing we want is to be able to sell merch on it and accept payments via PayPal. Can you send me suggestions? I used Squarespace before and I liked that I can modify the site with CSS, but you might have cheaper and better options. Thank you very much! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
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2022.01.23 07:18 NURAMIN1985 If you anyone interested please order confirm all kinds logo design& grafics design.contact snap I'd: nuraminmolla22

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2022.01.23 07:18 ctrlaltmayo Going off Script Glitch

I saw from an old video somewhere in youtube about how we unconsciously have scripts ready to say during conversations with people and how we go by with our daily lives. Like that weird feeling we get when we just have to say something. People say if you choose not to say anything during the conversation, or choose not to do the specific action set out for your person to do, it could lead to create consequences or glitches to occur. I personally didn’t believe this at first and thought it was just something to scare people. But I wanted to try it out and see if anything weird does happen. So one day while I was in the living room seated beside my younger brother who’s like around 10, just scrolling through my phone. He suddenly started talking about fortnite and the new update. I wasn’t really tuned into the conversation but just kept agreeing. At one point during the conversation it switched to talking about stars and the galaxy since science was one of his favorite subjects. I suddenly remembered about the concept of each of us having our own scripts in the conversation so i decided to test it out. My little brother would often ask me questions about science since it was my strong suit at school, sometimes I would just say random bs or an actual well known fact. So when he asked me what was the difference between seeing a planet in the sky and a star in the sky. I stayed quiet. For the first few seconds it was just silence as he was waiting for the answer. I already had the answer which was “stars blink and planets don’t.” in my head but I chose not to say it. I got up from my seat and told him I was gonna make milo for myself. Suddenly as I got up he said “Aren’t you suppose to say stars blink and planets don’t?” I turned around and said “what?” and he said “That’s what you’re suppose to say why didn’t you say it?”. At that point i got kinda freaked out because that was word per word the answer in my mind. Mind you he’s just 10 years old. I told him “How do you know what I was going to say?” and he said “Thats what they said.” That freaked me out even more cause he could’ve just said he searched it on google or something so that’s why he knows.
I asked who “they” was and it was like something out of a movie because he suddenly looked at me with confused and said “i don’t know also?” Also leaving him confused.
The another incident was another day. My parents set up this foldable pool outside in our lawn. My little brother was again involved alongside my parents. My brother was swimming in the pool and i could hear him from inside the house since the door was open. I had this urge in the back of my mind to go outside to him but i fought against the “script” and made my way upstairs. I hear him suddenly scream so I ran outside and saw that he hit his head on the metal pole of the side of the pool. Then he said while laughing “I thought you would be standing there!”. My mom even laughed as well and stood on the corner where my brother hit his head on the pole and said “You were suppose to stand right here.” At that time i didnt even bother questioning them about what they said because they’ll just say they don’t know again. So i just laughed and went back up to my room.
Basically what i noticed was that going off the script doesnt really show much of a glitch in the matrix but more of other people saying weird things and them not understanding what they just said. I honestly think it’s just their subconsciousness not understanding how to go about their scripts since I didn’t do the way I was scripted so they say weird things. However one thing i did notice was my life gradually becoming worse as the days passed after going off script. Examples are my door, which was just brand new suddenly breaking as I opened it. More loud ringing in my ears at the most random times (i have tinnitus so i actually know what normal ear ringing sounds like for me), and other stuff in my room specifically just breaking or disappearing from existence.
There were more experiences with the going off script thing. I’m honestly not sure if it counts enough to be part of this subreddit but there’s my weird experience with glitches. If you wanna try doing what I did and going off the script it’s just basically you going against your gut feeling during a situation, doing a completely random course of action, or holding back a reply during a conversation.
I’m not sure if I even made sense at all here but yeah that’s about it.
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2022.01.23 07:18 Zorbaxxxx Potential upcoming P2E Game on Fantom Network

Fantom Heroes are lurking across the Fantom network. This is a brand new NFT project with genetics, breeding & game mechanics!
There will be only 1000 generation zero Fantom Heroes, the first new recruits will be generated as generation 1 and so forth. Due to the nature of genetic code, generation zero heroes will be of high demand for future Fantom Heroes games.
So join the discord and get your discounted pre-sale to mint the gen 0 Heroes!
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2022.01.23 07:18 remocking Does the Wharton salary question have greater implications?

Academics spend their lives working in higher education and are often times quite comfortable and surrounded by other like minded academics their whole lives. The recent Warton salary question may show how out of touch students in business school are about income. Maybe this principle applies to those in other fields of study.
I study computer security, for example. I do not feel my peers appreciate how completely unconcerned most users will always be with regard to the inner workings of computers and computer security principles. Specifically, there is an expectation that an individual user monitor their credit account activity for suspicious activity when, in fact, compromised accounts are typically a result of an institutional security failure. We do not ask bank customers to take turns guarding the door or monitoring security cameras and we should not.
As an academic in your field of study, what fundamental things do your peers seem out of touch with?
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2022.01.23 07:18 sleepdeeptreep Got this little 5 year old one last Christmas. Any tips?

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2022.01.23 07:18 justarager1 Black temple attunement next patch, still need the whole t5 chain ?

Does anyone know if you gotta do the whole chain to get attuned to bt? Since it's part of the t5 attunement i wonder if for example seer.olum just gives you the quest or something.
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2022.01.23 07:18 grewhitgred Bought Jasmy for the first time!

For a number of months now I've been reading into Jasmy, been following this subreddit and tracking its price.
And today – I finally decided that it was time to start buying.
Excited to be on this journey with all and I'm positive for what the future holds.
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2022.01.23 07:18 Throwaway_lect Eagle Jump Recruitment - Dedicated guild - PV server

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Eagle Jump Guild Recruitment ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ ⚘
Looking for dedicated players who are interested in climbing the ranks to become strong together! ⚘ Currently few, but very active community members and discord to discuss strategies
⚘ If you do not currently meet the requirements but are intending to play the game seriously for the foreseeable future, Eagle Jump is also happy to accept players who are devoted to helping the guild succeed
⚘ Pure Vanilla Server ⚘ 8/30 Members ⚘ Guild level 20 ⚘ Top ~13%
⚘ Minimum Kingdom level 40 ⚘ At least be able to solo-kill the level 10 dragon ⚘ Be able to hit the dragon daily (3/3) ⚘ Try to contribute to the guild museum ⚘ Inactivity for a week will result in removal from the guild
⚘ Send me a DM to apply!
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2022.01.23 07:18 mayahee_smexyme Is society encouraging to discouraging suicide?

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2022.01.23 07:18 assagitaz Bartella - No Regrets (Kid Code & MKF Deluxe Remix) [deepvisionz]

Publisher: deepvisionz
Out Date: 2022-01-21
Quality: MP3 8.77 Mb / AIFF 38.36 Mb
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Bartella - No Regrets (Kid Code & MKF Deluxe Remix) / (Key Gm, BPM 125, Length 3:37)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=529570
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2022.01.23 07:18 ramarama123 Arshya Khullar chocolaty back

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2022.01.23 07:18 Mixo0 Pickle Finance on Moonbeam 35M% APY

Just found out that Pickle Finance launched on Moonbeam, and the APY is astronomical.

Currently the highest paying Jar (auto compounding farm) is netting 35MILLION% APY!!!
the jar is using StellaSwap Stella/USDC pool.
To participate:

  1. Lock in USDC and Stella on StellaSwap Pool
  2. Deposit LP token on Pickle finance jar
that's it, the jar has only $40k so I imagine the APY will go down once more liquidity is locked
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2022.01.23 07:18 epic_imperfection 3 Pumpkins 1 Fail - Exploring Resin Crafting with Wires!

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2022.01.23 07:18 buttsforpm Commonwealth Times | An Interview with the former LOTO and Comeback King, 12MaxWild

NOTE: This piece was posted after 12MaxWild's education bill announcement, which can be found here.

Anthony Shamini: Hey 12MaxWild, welcome back!

12MaxWild: Hello Anthony, long time no see!

You've been away for a long time, so what have you been up to for the past few months?
I've been working on my political platform away from the political scene to come back with the CPA and release a bold policy position.

Interesting... any comment on what this policy position involves?
I have been working on reforms to the legal system and making the conducting of business much easier, allowing our economy to flourish under strong democratic institutions.

Will you be bringing these policies to the CPA?
The party is fully behind the visionary ideas I have brought forward. The Commonwealth Party is a party of the future, and as such our parliamentarians are working very hard to make this country is a better place.

You mention 'parliamentarian', but you aren't a parliamentarian yourself. What role do you have in the party at the moment, and what role are you looking to have in it as part of your return?
I am the extra-parliamentary spokesperson, meaning I represent our party in the real world, outside of politics. I have also been assisting our great parliamentarians with legislation drafting, including a bold new piece of legislation I am co-writing with Rohanite.

Well, it looks like your return has well and truly started! Any word on this legislation you have been working on?
It involves setting a baseline of $20,000 of funding per student, meaning that if a school charges no fees, the government will provide them with $20,000 per high school student per year or $12,000 per primary school student. On the other hand, if a school charges $20,000 per student, it will receive no funding. Therefore, instead of the radical proposal of cutting funding to private schools no matter what they charge, we will ensure total equality of education for school students regardless of their socioeconomic condition.

Sounds like quite a policy, nice job. Now, you say you are working on this with Rohanite272... how has his energy been in the party and while working with him since he joined a few days ago?
My working relationship with Rohanite dates back to when he was SDP leader, and we were discussing a potential merger with his party. We have worked together to hold successive governments to account.

How has the experience been this time working with Rohanite on the new bill?
It has been helpful to introduce Rohan into the inner workings of the party, and for us to collaborate on legislation for the first time is helping the legislation branch of the party gain steam. He is a great politician and I am excited to continue to work with him.

Finally, do you have any other plans upon your return to the political sphere?
I plan to return to parliament as an MP at some point. I believe I can serve the people best inside our nation's parliament and strengthen our great party.

Thank you for the interview, 12MaxWild.
I look forward to our future interactions, Anthony! See you later.
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2022.01.23 07:18 RascalCat2020 Best way to deal with binge eating

Hi. I am a 36F. I had lost almost 60 pounds but suddenly I am gaining again. One of my big problems is binge eating. I am trying really hard to lose weight so I can have a healthy pregnancy in the near future, but does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to deal with binge eating? Thanks.
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2022.01.23 07:18 voradeaur Finally after hours of grinding, my quad 100 PVP build!

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2022.01.23 07:18 edelkoikarpfen Arbeitnehmer will Lohn für zu viel genehmigten Urlaub zurückfordern

Liebe Leute, mir wurde geraten mich an diesen Subreddit zu richten.
ich werde aus Google nicht ganz schlau, weshalb ich eure Hilfe brauche. Aus vielen guten Gründen trete ich im Februar eine neue Stelle an. In meiner letzten Stelle habe ich als Werkstudentin gearbeitet. Jetzt zu meinem Problem:
Mein Arbeitgeber hat mir im letzten Kalenderjahr einen Urlaubstag zu viel genehmigt und will mir das jetzt im Januar vom Lohn abziehen. Ich hab die Aussage schriftlich, weiß aber um ehrlich zu sein nicht, ob das so koscher ist.
Das Geld wurde ja bereits ausgezahlt und wenn der Tag nicht genehmigt worden wäre, hätte ich ja auch gearbeitet und einen Anspruch auf Lohn gehabt. Es geht jetzt nicht um viel Geld, aber für mich als Studentin ist das trotzdem genug!
Außerdem ist das letzte Kalenderjahr ja auch schon abgelaufen. Ich bin total baff und weiß nicht, ob das so rechtens ist.
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2022.01.23 07:18 Aggressive-Ant-3977 Letteralmente Richard quando si deve reagire a video su animali pucciosi

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2022.01.23 07:18 LurF43n Just started playing! Could need som help!

Hi! I have just started playing this game and its starting to get kinda expensive to keep up with the amount of gems you "need"
So heres a invite code, if you use it ill get 30 gems if i get your referral code, and ill gladly help others with getting gems 😁
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2022.01.23 07:18 HenryfromswedenALT Gjorde denna själv

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2022.01.23 07:18 East-Bullfrog4398 The scene of the crime (ASYA94)

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2022.01.23 07:18 drloser Your prefered level?

I guess I'm not the first one to ask the question. What are your prefered level when you play? The funniest. The most interesting. The ones your prefered.
View Poll
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2022.01.23 07:18 ApocalypseThou Giant salamanders

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