bike6 nr4kz 83hid 2yt54 yrz8t k823t 945k8 23knb 8k5f2 76fr2 8abt8 z77hy rhkfy h7izi nyze4 hbyrt fkth7 s74nd k5k2a 887ht e2d55 Greetings everyone! I'm opening a commission for Spider-man fans out there! Drop me a message if interested or any enquiries! |

Greetings everyone! I'm opening a commission for Spider-man fans out there! Drop me a message if interested or any enquiries!

2022.01.23 06:23 HirziJapanBoy Greetings everyone! I'm opening a commission for Spider-man fans out there! Drop me a message if interested or any enquiries!

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2022.01.23 06:23 kigsol pls help

when i booted up my laptop it suddenly shows a black screen then it shows text that reads "no bootable devices found" then "f1 for retry reboot, f2 for set up utility and f5 to run onboard diagnostics" i was wondering how this can be fixed
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2022.01.23 06:23 Radiant-Captain-435 I know it's not Chrima, but school is not very nice to hobbies. But anyways here's [Fan-made] Mistletoe Ururun!

I know it's not Chrima, but school is not very nice to hobbies. But anyways here's [Fan-made] Mistletoe Ururun! submitted by Radiant-Captain-435 to battlecats [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 06:23 ItsReallyKinda Looking for someone who can create an stl of this mask for me, dm or comment if you think you'd be able to help. Thanks!

Looking for someone who can create an stl of this mask for me, dm or comment if you think you'd be able to help. Thanks! submitted by ItsReallyKinda to 3Drequests [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 06:23 KellCon3 hmmm

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2022.01.23 06:23 Doomy_McDoomerson An eternal beauty

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2022.01.23 06:23 Dabiskom do you have genshin nintendo? is it playable

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2022.01.23 06:23 yume_zume Lego Batman Wii Extra?

Hey so I'm currently on a discord call with a friend and something came to mind. When I was very young I had a Wii with Lego Batman 1 and for some odd reason I can remember seeing this lady with long fingernails. I'll try to describe what I saw but this was a long time ago maybe 6-7 years ago.
Description of image: There was an older looking lady with possibly a blue/green shirt on with long fingernails
If anyone knows what I'm talking or remembers anything of the sort, please comment or send a link to it if you can find what I'm talking about.
TLDR: Lady with long fingernails on the Wii version of Lego Batman 1 if you find the link to an image or possibly video please send.
Thx for reading <3
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2022.01.23 06:23 PFishD Cheesestealer getting ready for action

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2022.01.23 06:23 LUNISY_2020 Twitch app on Xbox audio delay

Streaming on Xbox series X currently and ever since the first day I streamed on the Xbox one there has always been like a 2-3 second delay between the game audio and my voice audio. Does anyone know if there is any way to fix this? It completely ruins the stream with my voice and me reacting to things seconds after they’ve already happened.
My internet is not the problem. I’m the only person in my house using the internet, I’m wired, have a great connection and have google fiber gigabit internet. Idk if there is some setting I can change in my streaming options on Xbox that I’m missing or what the problem is. None of my friends stream so I have no one to compare this issue to. Does the twitch app on Xbox just suck?
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2022.01.23 06:23 Select-Purpose-6499 i think i developed daddy issues

my dad was 32 when he married my 20 year old mom. he was married with 2 children before. my dad has a thing with younger women, he's 50 something now and still married w my mom, but he sleeps around with young women still. hes a chronic chronic womanizer. but also a workaholic.
growing up my dad was never present even when he's present. i am 19F and notice that i keep being attracted to older men, i know its super wrong but i cant help it, i long for that fatherly love, for a wiser being to nurture me.
now im in a casual relationship with a 29 year old, hes 10 years older than me. hes also a womanizer but i cant help it, he nurtures me and is very loving, i admire his work ethics too. we went to a fortune teller not long ago, i have went to this fortune teller since long ago, all of this lady's readings always came true. anyways, when we were doing the reading, he went to the toilet and the lady told me once we're married he'll still have affairs with many women till god knows when. im just so sad right now, i feel like i have to live my ancestors karma somehow, like its fated. i know it sounds stupid. i dont know who else i have to talk to.
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2022.01.23 06:23 mousepotatodoesstuff I can't report scam spammers because Discord won't let me DM staff

so I can either share screenshots publicly (which instructions say not to) or do nothing and let them continue.
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2022.01.23 06:23 gamingbeast36 He's got a point!!

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2022.01.23 06:23 J-maal BDSP LF last few pokemon for nat dex FT anything breedable, near-perfect sneasel, marill, roselia, misdreavus

Any help is appreciated, let me know what you want in return!


Raikou (Touch Trade)
Suicune(Touch Trade)
Entei (Touch Trade)
Ho-oh (Touch Trade)
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2022.01.23 06:23 mvgenerator MVGEN: *212W_210A_0212R_(134bpm). :

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2022.01.23 06:23 Actual-Factor1877 Is sperm a parasite?

It takes a woman's body as its host for nine months, slowly growing in size and metamorphosing into an infant-stage human.
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2022.01.23 06:23 HearingUpper 3y 😔

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2022.01.23 06:23 CHiA-ZS Is anyone else experiencing fps drop/stutter when capping fps?

I have a 3060 Ti. FPS capped at 90. I’d get FPS drop from time to time. It’s not a big fps drop but around 3-5. Is anyone else experiencing it or it’s just me? Needed to ask to make sure my undervolting is stable.
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2022.01.23 06:23 Mikkster643 Is aim assist on mnk still a thing?

I thought they patched that but I keep getting killed by these players that I’m pretty sure have aim assist but their movement seems like it’s mnk and not controller? There is no way they have enough time to switch to controlled as they fight when I spectate them. Either they are exploiting aim assist on mnk or they might be using soft aimbot? It’s very frustrating..
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2022.01.23 06:23 StatementTall5073 Action.

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2022.01.23 06:23 kewasabi Is someone from "HR" trying to buy games for bad reviewers on steam?

listen this just happened to me and I tried posting about it on the Cyberpunk discussion page on Steam and someone removed my post with in 30 minutes. I'm not looking for EZ views or some crap I'm just curious as to whats going on and why I would get deleted for asking about it. I got a guy claiming to be with CD Project Red in the "HR" department trying to buy me a new game because I gave the game a bad review. It was weird and personal and I am a bit angry that the discussion board removed my comment. I am not overly negative here and honestly I speak my mind in my review, but my language might be an issue if this wasn't a game for adults.
I'll get back to the point. I say most of this in the screenshot I will try and share with you, but I will write it out here for you to read so you don't have to squint.
"Guys I'm not that dumb.. This has to be a scam of some sort right? I'm still mad enough about it that I want to give it some publicity. I wrote my feelings out on my review of Cyberpunk that just happened to blow up, and now I'm getting a guy claiming to be CD Project Red HR that wants to buy me a game to "right some wrongs". It all seemed really unprofessional and stupid. I wrote about how I felt about the state of the game and about what I believed to be true, and hoped my review would help some people out who want to know what others (that have played the full game) think about it. Bash me if you will but my opinion is my opinion. If this IS real then it's REAL unprofessional. I put the conversation up in my Artwork tab on my profile. Go take a look and tell me what you think. "
^^^ That's my Steam account that takes you directly to the pics but i will try to post them here too.
I'm really just looking for conformation that this is, in fact, a scam and that I'm not being shut down to keep this stuff quiet? Will i get shut down by the mods here too or is this somewhere I can speak my mind and ask about this kind of stuff? I guess we will see.
Let me know what you think is going on here because honestly I just want to get to the bottom of it.
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2022.01.23 06:23 Tapeside210 Don't let yourself down, listen to this man.
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2022.01.23 06:23 ra1chu- Is there a way to change guild leaders? Our guild leader has been inactive for a few days

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2022.01.23 06:23 iamtheyeezy The man who lost his way

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2022.01.23 06:23 Ser_Dariss About running the Reqtificator again, after adding some armor and weapon mods.

I recently installed a mod pack which is based around Requiem (Wildlander). I don't know much about xEdit and i really don't wanna mess things up. So i wanted to know that is it safe to run the Reqtificator on a mod pack after adding some extra armor and weapon mods that does not edit the leveled lists?
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