Shrink wrap battery

2022.01.23 05:53 bbbasher Shrink wrap battery

Hi all
I had a battery launch out of the battery compartment on my truck. It picked up a small dent so i removed the exterior plastic wrap to examine for damage. Hyper aware of the risk with damaged lipos.
Any advice for rewrapping the 2s battery? Can I buy some material online?
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2022.01.23 05:53 waxbuzzzzard Feeling old?

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2022.01.23 05:53 caped_crusader_98 To put in steps.. What app to use?

What app is there to increase my steps?
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2022.01.23 05:53 game-repack GOD OF WAR PC Walkthrough Gameplay (4K) - Part 3

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2022.01.23 05:53 neel_wiki Learning GB without prior knowledge of music theory or any instrument

Hi. A total beginner. I have been using my ipad air 4 for a number of things such as learning art and reading books etc.
I wanted to understand if GarageBand or anything equivalent can be used to learn music from ground zero? If yes, what it takes and from where should I start?
I tried looking it up on YouTube but couldnt get any satisfying results. Please share your experiences.
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2022.01.23 05:53 ThisIsTheWay2001 Regnum Signs Assignment and Assumption Agreement with CytoDyn and SevenScore Pharmaceuticals to Commercialize Leronlimab in the U.S. for the Treatment of HIV

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2022.01.23 05:53 AssortedCooking "Veg Manchow Soup" - this winter enjoy delicious and easy veg soup with fried noodles. (Recipe in the comments)

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2022.01.23 05:53 Soda_83 Pup / pub outings ..

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2022.01.23 05:53 Sup3rN0va77 Would love some feedback and overall thoughts on my first chapter!

Hey fellow writers! I recently started writing as a hobby, and just released my first chapter! Now, I will admit I'm definitely not the greatest in terms of plot, characters, or anything literary, but I just like making interesting storylines for people to enjoy. Really get my creative juices flowing. Hope you enjoy it!
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2022.01.23 05:53 cdogthefortniter Dropping at tilted booiiis

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2022.01.23 05:53 GonzoisBaby Croque is so darn cute!

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2022.01.23 05:53 Gazza_s_89 Isolated highways in Queensland have trivia questions to keep drivers alert on long stretches between towns.

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2022.01.23 05:53 BinaryLesbian Indian Naval Ensigns

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2022.01.23 05:53 Stelby Bloodthirsty

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2022.01.23 05:53 Spiritual_Prior_8215 Firecracker Jinx doesn't include boom effect?!

The Firecracker Jinx alone is a 2% drop chance from the firecracker egg, and you need up to 63 of them to get her for certain.
I was lucky enough to get it from my 8th egg when I bought 9 of them, but I realized the Little Champion doesn't get her special firecracker Boom like all other 3 little champions, neither did the in-game store description mention it doesn't include the boom effect.
The only way to get it is apparently is through the $100 bundle which I wouldn't buy for obvious reasons, and it would also lead to me having 9 extra eggs with duplicate drops.
This is unfair.
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2022.01.23 05:53 leo14770 feature request keybind customization.
I'm just going to link my post as to my reasoning, this would be an amazing feature i can see a lot of power users using, you could even allow us to export settings to a file.
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2022.01.23 05:53 bigboibogai hawt

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2022.01.23 05:53 BF3K Any good shisha places around central London?

Preferably near-ish the st Paul's area. Looked for a while but they're proving pretty difficult to find.
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2022.01.23 05:53 APissedOffEel fat fuck

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2022.01.23 05:53 International_Fun_86 Changing Last Name?

I have been thinking about it a lot and I'm considering changing my last name. I want to do this because I have an uncommon last name with a lot of family heritage attatched to it. My stepmom was abusive and kicked me out while my dad was a bystander so whenever I see it I think of my family and it brings up bad feelings and memories. Its also just really long and hyphenated and just generally annoying.
I really like the idea of a fresh start and being a new person so I can leave everything that happened before in the past. I feel like if I still had this last name I'd be reminded of all the baggage everytime I look at it.
I also think changing it could be a bad idea for a couple reasons. I haven't talked to my dad in over a year but I am open to possibly talking again in the future and I think it might hurt him to find out I got rid of his name. I feel like after what he let happen to me he lost the right to be mad about that but I still feel bad for some reason. I think it might also hurt my extended family, but they have been really unhelpful after getting kicked out and have chosen to not rock the boat instead of supporting me. Luckily I was able to put myself into college and sort everything out myself but I'm still really hurt by that. I've tried explaining a couple times how serious things are but I think they still think its just a family dispute and don't understand that I was literally homeless. Part of me just wants to dump the whole family and pretend they dont exist but the other still really wants to try and work on it, and changing my name could mess that up.
Another issue is I think it would be a big process to do a last name change since I'd have to update everything like passport and ID and change my email and lots of other things I'm probably not even thinking of. I would be going through that hassle anyway since I also plan to change my first name (trans) but I feel like it would be even more complicated with a last name change.
Also, if I were to change my last name I'd have no idea what to change it to. One of my friends offered to let me use theirs and I thought that would be kind of funny and I like the idea. It's a pretty common last name so I don't think people would assume we're related and I like the idea of it being a lighthearted thing instead of trying to pick something all deep and meaningful. I guess it could be awkward in the future if we stopped being friends but we aren't super close right now so I don't think it would be some huge dramatic breaking up, probably just a drift apart. The offer was more of a lighthearted thing rather than like a deep "take my name" offer so I think even if we stopped being friends I'd still feel positive about the nice gesture when I see the name. I'm open to hearing why this is a bad idea though. If I don't use their name I'd probably pick something generic like Brown.
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2022.01.23 05:53 Artistic_Window_3658 Tactical Analysis from the Man Utd West Ham game

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2022.01.23 05:53 Whazzzuuup Smoked Ahi Recommendation

Any places you’d recommend to buy smoked ahi in Oahu? We used to buy it from Tamura’s but they don’t sell it anymore.
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2022.01.23 05:53 NotRYAN95 Halo Infinite | Forerunner Spires (PART 7) FULL GAME

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2022.01.23 05:53 Michaelstruis Pancake parade #ridderkerk

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2022.01.23 05:53 therealRoarDog So the Prompt was " Hunter is a shitty Name..".. Makes you think of the asshole kid that always over achieved in highschool.. Just to grow up and be some clown on the youtubes making shitty content.. And being adored by droolers and basement trolls. Lol.. Love you Papa..

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