Investing in penny stocks has been a great success!! Or so they say.

2021.12.04 19:09 DrioMarqui Investing in penny stocks has been a great success!! Or so they say.

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2021.12.04 19:09 Ehansaja Guns and Vaccines.

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2021.12.04 19:09 ZedarFlight Things went well for my first try

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2021.12.04 19:09 hypothyroidisme Bored on a train, let's play a game! 20 [Chat]

On a train back from London and super bored. Just looking for people to talk to. If you message, you won't be ignored We can figure out something to do. So send a message if your on board :)
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2021.12.04 19:09 rubyparasite How should Twitch/Youtube adds a 18+ section for Livestreaming? And what should be allowed on these platform?

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2021.12.04 19:09 HooleHoole Can someone tell kids that we don't do "2 weeks notice" in the UK?

Seems like there's a post on AskUK or similar every week about how to give their two weeks notice. We. Don't. Do. That.
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2021.12.04 19:09 JuliusMoons Another Eden now makes the collaboration official

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2021.12.04 19:09 Zoolok Acute pancreatitis after colon cancer surgery

Age 65
Sex Female
Height ~170cm
Weight ~75kg
Race Caucasian
Duration of complaint 5 weeks
Location EU, hospital, colon, pancreas
Any existing relevant medical issues Colon cancer post-surgery, polio
Current medications I really do not know
Include a photo if relevant
This is a question for my aunt: 65 female, disabled with polio since she was ~6 months old, a little overweight.
She is currently in the hospital. She was diagnoses with colon cancer in March, after which she went through chemotherapy and radiation sessions. She was also given a stoma during these sessions. Once the tumour shrank (it didn't spread outside of the colon), it was surgically removed and the doctors also removed the stoma in the same procedure. However, the wound wasn't healing as fast as they liked, so about a week later, they put the stoma back. Since then, she was intubated for liquids and food for 18 days. A week ago, she was allowed to slowly start eating again and was very happy since. In total, she has been for 5 weeks in the hospital so far. She was almost discharged last Monday, but the doctors decided to keep her for another week, because the wound was still 'leaking' a little.
However, today, in the morning, she started having strong abdominal pain. They did blood tests, ECG, CT of the lungs, and the blood tests showed acute pancreatitis. She is now put on medicine to handle that, however, they are not telling us much more than that. I understand this can be a very serious complication? Can someone shed some light on this for me, and maybe tell me what to expect in the coming days? Thank you so much.
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2021.12.04 19:09 IHTCAU POV: you're good with the arctic 50 and a amine girl asks you out 😱😱😱

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2021.12.04 19:09 Intelligent_Bear_524 Rate this pls

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2021.12.04 19:09 HunterBgr Replica?

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2021.12.04 19:09 70sTimewarp58 Soldiers Eat Babies 1917

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2021.12.04 19:09 dicaprihoe Find my iPhone for different Apple ID’s

Hi all,
I bought my little sister an iPod Touch for Christmas, and I was wanting to link it to my find my iPhone. She will set up her own Apple ID, however. Will this cause an issue for linking her Apple ID to my Find my iPhone?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.04 19:09 KikoJ5 "not playing in europe" but im playing in europe

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2021.12.04 19:09 evidenceTampwe No matter how much work I put in I’m never good enough. Is the standard for a guy to get a date to be perfect now?

I have been working on myself for the last 7 years of my life. Working to cultivate my personality, maximize my appearance, get over my social issues so that I can find love, but I just doesn’t work. No matter how much better I am than I was 7 years ago, I’m the same loser no woman wants to be around I was in high school.
I don’t know what else to do to fix myself. I can’t be perfect but it feels like that’s expectation for me. I can’t fix every flaw about myself, I can’t rewrite my genetic code to make myself taller or white or handsome. I wish I could and used to pray to god that I wake up one of those things but it’s not possible.
I don’t know how to be perfect and if I can’t I don’t think I have a shot at love.
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2021.12.04 19:09 semperadiuvans Heading Home for the Holidays

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2021.12.04 19:09 AfterHoursQ82Q Omicron is in the spotlight.

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2021.12.04 19:09 thetimeisnow1991 Good books to read about being addicted to P?

Other than "Your Brain on Porn" which I already have, which book would you strongly suggest for me to read? (No Christian/religious type of books pls)
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2021.12.04 19:09 narcoteca Como hacerla feliz antes de llegar a la cama

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2021.12.04 19:09 supersalad99 Realm looking for players

Hello all! I am hosting a realm with about 7 active players, and wanted to invite some new people. It is still in its young stages, is on 1.18, and has factions! Here are the requirements to join: 1. You must speak English 2. Preferably American 3. Between the ages of 13 and 18 4. Will be an active player
Dm MiddleEnd580#2611 on discord if you are interested!
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2021.12.04 19:09 24Star24 Santa suit

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2021.12.04 19:09 BlackSheep717 Medical Workers of Reddit, what weird kinks did you accidentally discover that your patient(s) had?

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2021.12.04 19:09 SMNarcade Does anyone know what this is?

Does anyone know what this is?
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2021.12.04 19:09 STINE1000v2 Anyone else feel this?

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2021.12.04 19:09 Unlikely_Rush9191 Genuine question here, as I would love some confirmation or insight.

I have heard from multiple sources that those that has split personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, etc. are most, if not all the time, never aware of the other identities inside of them. That being said, how can you all find it so easy to be so aware of your alternate personalities, sometimes even knowing their names? Not trying to start anything, just wondering.
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