Horror movie inspired game? Check it out!

2021.12.04 19:51 Juscallmeyoyo Horror movie inspired game? Check it out!

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2021.12.04 19:51 SaulgoodeXL I was desperate for a piss at the pool....

I was at the swimming pool last week, and you know when you're absolutely bursting for a piss but the toilets are way over there?
I thought: "weeelllll..... everyone else does it..."
So I decided just to let one slip out in the pool.
The lifeguard must have spotted me though. He shouted at me so loud I nearly fell off the diving board.
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2021.12.04 19:51 JRYuen Scott Coker is meeting with Kayla Harrison 's team next week. "It's going to be interesting where she ends up, and we'll have our hat in there." MMA Junkie on Twitter, Link to full interview

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2021.12.04 19:51 darthraxus Ok, if you can't block the killing curse with a protection spell, then what is this and why is harry able to block? Looks like the killing curse to me.

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2021.12.04 19:51 jujutresque What's the name of this haircut ?

I'm having trouble finding better quality pictures of that cut, it look too long to be an undercut but too short to be a two-block, so I'm not sure what to type too find more picture.
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2021.12.04 19:51 stupid-cat-with-face The 1824 Federalist convention: the four party system

After the massive win for Clinton In 1820 he has refused to run for a second term and not wanting to die in office believing his health wouldn’t make it to 1829 with the stress of office and with it slowly declining.
The economy: while the panic for 1819 is still in effect it is largely died down and recovery under president Clinton has occurred Clinton did remain a fairly popular president with many especially northern support do to his economic policy. Clinton has passed several economic bills meant to help slow the panic such as the “regulation act” which limited the national bank drastically and elevated state banks to regulate the economy and make it less centralized. Clinton has also rises tariffs since the 1821 tariff which was very low 8 percent. Clinton has passed the 1824 tax act which increased taxes on most goods which has remained unpopular. Clinton has invested large amounts of money into expansionist industry and American industrial capacity. This has helped especially with ship building industry’s and the city of Norfolk Virginia having grown by 13 percent since 1821. Clinton’s own internal improvements project has also been in progress although is set to be done before March 4th 1825 as the last of the Baltimore Cannel is set to be completed in December as is the NYC cannel. While the industrial projects and tarries have slowed the panic of 1819 the recovery has occurred it is still slow and not complete many expect the winer in 1824 the get the credit of ending the panic and finishing the recovery.
Foreign affairs: Former Secretary of State Adams and currently Secretary of State Crawford have both done large amounts of work in Europe to promote America as a strong nation and as a new power. In 1823 a treaty was signed with Russia and it normalized and made friendly relations with the Russian empire with free trade in Alaska and low coast for Russians to trade in American establishing a free trade agreement with Russia. In 1822-1824 Clinton sent out 4 major diplomatic mission to Europe with a few more going to secondary powers like Austria, Spain and Holland. Clinton has also sent missions to former Spanish America to establish a good reputation in the new nations and maybe trade with them so far Mexico and American relations are very good and Veracruz and New Orleans have become trade partnered city’s. The tariff of 1824 was established due to European trade and so the south can sell more cotton to them. Low tariffs and especially a fall in price hurt the south deeply but it is recovery as it’s merchandise is going north and back east to Europe. In the world stage the us is generally in the uptick and it’s respect and power is growing but is still seen as a young nation secondary to any of Europe’s powers.
State of the union:
The national since is dominated by a growing populist movement and by 1824 a republicans wave as well as a growing tension over slavery’s expansion west and outright emancipation is now seen as not going to happen and many northerners especially, want to abolish slavery.but with the Virginia compromise it solved tensions briefly and established a line of free and slave which helped resolve things however the extremes of both sides are still just contempt with the agreement. The Democratic-Republicans and the federalist party’s are becoming know as the old party’s as they are seen as the party’s of Jefferson and Hamilton not of the new men like Jackson which is why for the respective party’s more traditional republicans like Crawford and Harrison are running and the federalist do not have a clear front runner or a candidate with the same reputation as any of the other potential nominees. The Jacksonian movement has grown further back Jackson declined to run in the election not wanting to trow it away and instead run for election as a senator although many expect him to run in 1828 but Jackson is largely disgruntled with the 4 party’s and is waiting for his chance to win a party nomination and election. Although Jackson is disgruntled with the parts he is running as a member of the National Liberty party for the senate in Tennessee. The new national-Republican party has made major gains in the midterms and believes a open spot and a popular candidate will take the White House for them.
Federalist: after losing big in 1820 and 1822 the party is looking for some so successes Marshall although the candidate are widely considered lackluster and not fit for running a national campaign but the party still hopes to rebound in the election and take the White House many are optimistic for it believing people are upset with Clinton.
Harrison G. Otis: Otis is 58 and is form Massachusetts he tried to get the nomination in 1820 and claims he could have beat Clinton and Slater was simply incompetent to run a campaign. Otis was attorney general from 1817-1819. Otis is a more classical Federalist wanting to rise tariffs more and believes that the Regulation act will hurt the recovery from the panic and it hurt the bank to much disorganized it and made it less effective. Otis wants to stop the republicans and populist congressmen from regulating the r bank anymore saying the president should use veto over any measures related to regulations. Otis himself wealthy has been called out for being a artistic and banker although Otis himself does support popular voting and expansion. Although Otis is still a considered a elite. Otis Is however anti slavery and wants to begin gradually emancipation of slaves.
William Jones:
Former president of the first bank of North America Jones a former democratic-Republican now has joined the Federalist for more economic based reasons and for pro banking reason after the Regulation act Jones has called for it veto and removal. While Jones is 64 he is still very able and a strong conservative economic propionate he has taken and built banking in Pennsylvania his home state and helped charted banks in New Jersey and Ohio. Jones wants to lower tarries and raise federal revenue form taxis. Jones also wants to expand popular voting and establish a spoils system to help reorganize the nation. Jones is opposed to foreign expansion but does support a large army as a power play and to show American might and dominance.
William Hunter jr:
A traditional Federalist from Rhode island. He supports the national bank and lower tariffs believing that seeking cotton and manufacturing goods to Europe’s markets will help boost American revenue and prestige as well as expanding the navy. Hunter is generally a pacifist on foreign policy and was a vocal anti war advocate as a senator in 1812. He supports most of president Clinton’s locus say for tariffs. Hunter is also more of a populist wanting a expansion of voting rights and reform of the state and central government. Hunter is pro internal improvements believing they can help the national connect and built itself to major player on the world stage and be more economically powerful. Hunter that’s attacked the other candidates personally calling Jones a corrupt banker with Jones supporters calling him a republicans trying to sabotage the Federalist convention. This is the first convention here personal attacked are used to gain votes.
View Poll
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2021.12.04 19:51 kalitelibirsite Kaliteli ve Ucuz Toptan İş Montu

Kaliteli ve ucuz toptan iş montu satış sitesi arıyorsanız eğer doğru yere hoş geldiniz. MYB Tekstil iş elbiseleri ile uzun ömürlü, rahat, dayanıklı ve koruyucu bir iş kıyafeti oluşturun! İşinizde, evinizde veya başka bir yerde projeler üzerinde çalışırken iş elbisesi giymeniz için gerekli olan tüm unsurları içeren iş kıyafetleri bulunmaktadır.
Kaliteli ve Ucuz Toptan İş Montu İş montları, soğuk havalarda çalışan kişilere yönelik koruma sağlar. Bu montlar farklı sektörlerde kullanılabilir. İyi bir iş montunda olması gereken çok sayıda özellik MYB tekstil iş montlarında mevcuttur. Reflektörlü iş montu, şişme iş montu, fosforlu işçi montu, şapkalı iş montu, polarlı iş montu gibi farklı renk seçeneklerinde iş montlarına kolay bir şekilde ulaşabilirsiniz.
İş Elbiselerinin Özellikleri İş kıyafetlerini standart, günlük giyiminden ayıran çeşitli özellikler ve işlevler vardır. Bu özelliklere bir göz atalım ve işte giymek için neden gerekli olduklarını görelim! MYB tekstil, iş elbiseleri, iş montları, iş tulumu gibi çok sayıda seçenek için gerçekten de çok iyi bir tercih.
İş Önlüğü İş Tulumu Seçenekleri İş giysilerinin en belirgin özelliklerinden biri ve bunun iyi bir nedeni vardır. Çok sayıda iş önlüğü, tişört, iş tulumu, yelek ve daha fazlası, kullanıcının uzaktan görülmesini sağlayan yüksek görüş ve yansıtıcı ayrıntılar sunar. Belirli işler belirli bir miktarda görünürlük gerektirebilir, bu nedenle belirli bir görünürlük derecesine sahip giysilere ihtiyacınız olup olmadığını öğrenmek için şirketinize danışın.
İş kıyafetlerinin bir diğer önemli özelliği de dayanıklılıktır. Bu, hareket ederken sizi rahat ettiren ve giysilerin tekrarlanan harekete dayanmasını sağlayan güçlendirilmiş dizler gibi birkaç farklı biçim ve işlevde gelir. İş kıyafetleri ayrıca şantiyede meydana gelme olasılığı daha yüksek olan alevlere, lekelere ve diğer sorunlara dayanıklı malzemeler içerebilir. MYB Tekstil iş yeleği, iş polar, iş montu bulunmaktadır. Ayrıca sitede şuan promosyon tişört ürünleri bulunmaktadır. Ürünler hakkında daha fazla bilgi için hemen MYBtekstil.com web sitesine göz atabilirsiniz.
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2021.12.04 19:51 Coolswagg Who is this I am assuming T-Mobile because the antenna to the right looks like an Ericsson Air Panel.

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2021.12.04 19:51 Real-Personality9324 [WDYWT] thrifted this bag today absolutely loving it

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2021.12.04 19:51 IndependentQuote4201 🤤👣💦❤️🤑

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2021.12.04 19:51 baaron316 George Archos is an operator! Look how clean that place is

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2021.12.04 19:51 seweli Aventuras de Kwadrakin (Lidepla)

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2021.12.04 19:51 Luckytiger1990 Getting back into Eve?

Wondering if I should get back into Eve. I still keep up with reddit and every day, week, month you guys talk about how much shittier its getting and how PCU's are at an all time low. But that's literally just how this reddit was when I got in 7 years ago. I calculated the opportunity cost of me doing other things with my time instead and its about 3 grand, but I really wanna play again map. Is it really dying this time for real? Or will I still be able to have a bit of fun.
As a side note, did they completely neuter station trading for real? BC then I actually just might not play.
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2021.12.04 19:51 muhdfhd am i

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2021.12.04 19:51 Outrageous_Pen4196 Posting underrated cookies (part 2)

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2021.12.04 19:51 Playful_Way_4187 Profession Quest Items

Welp I’ve got several types of fish and a plant or two. What exactly do I do with them? I know all can be sold for gold but gold doesn’t seem to be worth anything unless you buy a golden egg and I will take weeks to save up for that. And it’s unclear what good eggs are anyway.
I also got a shvas rune and a few tears. I’m super pumped about them. For some reason.
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2021.12.04 19:51 FriendlyReflection35 “Magic” modpack

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2021.12.04 19:51 ilyUCB My parents might make me do some kind of summer program next year

I don't know what kind but it might be overseas and I'm kind of panicking because it doesn't seem like they're giving me a choice and I want to stay at home and work on my college applications and maybe get a job and do local volunteer work and hang out with my upperclassmen friends before they leave for university. They said I should "clear out my summer" but I don't want to do it and I have no idea what's going to happen. What do I do? How is this going to affect my college application process? Should I just go along with it? Sorry if this was a mess to read but I'm really freaking out right now and I might start crying because this has really thrown a wrench in my plans
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2021.12.04 19:51 NolanKLemmon Flag of The Commonwealth if they were a group of violent, authoritarian thugs

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2021.12.04 19:51 GothSpaceCowboy Charging Station

does anyone know if there exists a charging station that accepts the index controllers as well as 3 vive trackers ? i just upgraded from oculus today and i realized how much of an issue all the cables are for me , any help is appreciated :)
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2021.12.04 19:51 Raining_Rayne EMERGENCY STATUS: Declared

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2021.12.04 19:51 HawkJefferson I stood above the sleeping vampire lord, plunging my stake into his black heart.

Now children no longer had to fear receiving Santa's "gift."
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2021.12.04 19:51 hemin245 Update:

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2021.12.04 19:51 hAroush A Disgusting Devlog

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2021.12.04 19:51 mouseb0t what would be the purpose for human females in a future transhumanist world where we have succeeded in creating completely asexual reproduction, and seemingly sentient sex robots or AI partners in VR, who are completely indistinguishable from humans?

obviously until sexbots are 100% out of the uncanny valley factor, they will never come even close to rivaling real women, but what would happen once they can walk around modern people, be the perfect partner and take over the social role as mens partners?
the sexbots would obviously, if mainstream, take over the role of sexualization and "objectification", and would replace the role women have held in society and nature for most of history.
This probably sounds good to some women now who see sexualization as a degrading and enforced aspect of culture, rather than biological - but in truth it would cause women to feel more lost, unloved and confused about themselves than they do now. the fact is that the need to feel "sexy" and adored and irresistible, largely for fun or self-esteem, is biologically part of female instincts, and one of the specifically fun things about being a woman that distinguish it from being a man - as well as a source of power. Theres a reason many women are anti-sexbot, and it is largely due to them being a threat to womens' position. The power women hold over men is sexual, just as the power men hold over women is with physical strength.
However, due to transhumanism, the concept of men and women might have evaporated overtime due to body modification. Women would lose their sexual power over men to the robots, but men would probably lose their superior strength as well, due to women integrating their bodies with technological enhancements. The only remainder of actual gender would probably be our male and female brains, which would probably still think and perceive differently, which could cause problems when the purpose that female brains have been geared to for hundreds of centuries of evolution would no longer be a purpose. If gender hasnt entirely vanished yet, i imagine we would see a very large boom in the number of transgender males and genderless identities due to the sudden meaninglessness of womanhood.
at some point, the need for physical females would probably die out and artificial births would become all male. In the evolutionary Darwinian perspective, women are not stronger than men, they would not be needed to bear children in such a high-tech world where reproduction would be asexual, and all the work they could do could be fulfilled by men or robots either at the same proficiency level or even better. the model of the female gender wouldve simply been improved upon, replaced by genderlessness and robot women. women would be like an outdated gene in such a world, one too connected to nature to continue for long in such transcended civilization.
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